Currently I am not a ‘Momma’  in the maternal sense (aka no offspring). HOWEVER more often than not I simply NEED something bubbly, or sweet, or warming, or just…a cathartic beverage in hand.



In April 2017, I decided on my own accord, to live a lifestyle sans-alcohol. And it was then I noticed something; anything refreshing, delicious, and chic – beyond sparkling water- contains alcohol!


It’s like, when you buy a new car. It is fresh, new, yours, no one else’s. You have even given your car a name. He/She/They are unique. Surely no other car is like him/her/them. Then you pull onto the roadway and it’s like  ALL of a sudden you see your car, or your car’s color EVERYWHERE. Same jist, except ingredient = alcohol.

Right?! I thought the same thing. What the heck?


So, in Bridget(Hi I’m Bridget) fashion, I decided to search and create and test some non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy. Because as great as being hydrated is, it gets boring. Sorry H20 .. you get bland – FAST.


This resourceful blog is beneficial for:

  • actual Momma’s to be,
  • designated drivers,
  • under-age party beverages,
  • those in recovery,
  • those looking to lose weight and are being STRONGLY encouraged to refrain from alcohol because – carbs/calories,
  • those taking a break from alcohol,
  • those interested in taking a  break
  • those looking to get sober
  • or if you’re just thirsty

Momma needs a mocktail aims to dare you to try a recipe or two and share it with a friend.



Don’t be a stranger! Feedback and recommendations are always welcome.