Jazz it up | adding flair to your drinks

I love adding a little sparkle to life, and beverages are absolutely NO exception.

So, here’s a little how to on adding sparkle or simple something tasty to the top of your glasses.

Once I figured out the technique, I was blown away at how easy it is to do. What’s more fun is how completely customizable it is.

First step, decide what you need, and that will drive your base.  Is it something sweet, citrus, salty.  Once you figure that out, you have your base.



The process is all the same:

  • Dump a little of your selected topping on a paper plate (makes cleanup easier)


  • If you have a fruit piece – slide the slice around the top of the glass

  • If you are using syrup or a ‘liquid’ base, take a corner of paper towel or napkin, dip it into the container ( i generally use mason jars… if this is not your case pour a little into a bowl or cup THEN dip the napkin/paper towel..) and run the corner around the glass rim.


  • Invert your (EMPTY) glass, place on top of topping pile and spin gently, accumulating the topping on the glass rim.



Pairing Options:

  • Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, any citrus juice  with sugar, or salt sugar combo, or salt
  • Salt water with old bay, salt, ginger, herbs, sugar, spices.
  • Classic Simple Syrup sugar, sprinkles, salt,
  • go with with the syrup flavors and sprinklings 🙂

Share your creations!! Even the failures haha There are no hard and fast rules, and creating can be messy and oh so palate crazy sometimes.


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